“You've had folks call and say, 'Hey, look I haven't had a check for 7 weeks I haven't had a check yet, I'm worried about payments,'” Dunn shared.The appointment-only site was not just for members of ... ... read more

MSNBC is making changes to its afternoon lineup. The cable network confirmed to The Hill on Monday that Chuck Toddy's "MTP Daily" will move from 5 p.m. to 1 p.m. ET, while Nicolle Wallace‘s "Deadline: White House" will expanding to … ... read more

The final hours of the Dáil sitting before the summer recess ended in vitriolic exchanges with the House being suspended twice in a tumultuous row over speaking slots for Dáil debates. ... read more

Kia introduced the Seltos as a compact five-door crossover to fit between the smaller Soul and the larger Sportage. The new Seltos is much like the Soul in terms of size and appeal, but with a less ... ... read more

The Native American Health Center in East Oakland is expanding testing from three days a week to five, making it one of the largest COVID-19 testing location in hard-hit Alameda County. ... read more

Science Education Institute's (DOST-SEI) 2021 Science and Technology (S&T) Undergraduate Scholarship Program are now available.  ... ... read more

Guidelines rolled out by the central government on Wednesday for the third phase of lifting curbs imposed to stop the spread of Covid-19 spelled much relief for gym owners in ... ... read more

Design slots are used for all sorts of things, from tailoring clothes to adding character details, such as eyebrows or tattoos. Slots are also often used for custom roads, like the famous “Path” that ... ... read more